Milton Free Public Library

Now available: Orion Starblast 4.5"

presented to the Milton Free Public Library form the New Hampshire Astronomical Society

Telescope Lending Policy:
The Trustees of the Milton Free Public Library have the responsibility to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all who visit or use materials and services of the library and to exercise due diligence in all matters under their control.

A telescope is a high cost, high risk “material." It will be lent only by signed written agreement specifying the conditions of its use, care and return, and the borrowers due diligence of obligations to read, understand, agree and to follow those conditions. Per R.S.A.202-A:25, "Any person who willfully detains any property belonging to or in the care of any library may be given written notice to return the item by certified mail and given 15 days after such notice to return the item or be guilty of a violation."

No one is to look at the sun or an intense light source using this telescope.

The telescope will circulate for 7 days and must be checked in and checked out with each item of the checklist initialed by a staff member of the Milton Free Public Library.

Any patron of Milton Free Public Library over the age of 18 who has been a patron of good standing for more than 6 months may check the telescope out. Patron must present a current proof of address (e.g. driver’s license, utility bill, etc.) before checking out the telescope.

The patron will sign a Telescope Borrowing Agreement each time they check out the telescope. The telescope may be borrowed for 7 days and renewed once for 7 days of no other patron is waiting.

The overdue fine for the telescope is $5.00 per day.
If the telescope is not returned within 2 weeks of its due date, the patron will be charged $350 to cover replacement costs.

If the telescope is damaged, a fee will be determined by the library based on the cost of repairing the telescope, and will be charged to the patron.

  • The telescope cannot be re-lent by the borrower.
  • The borrowers are responsible for minors under their control.
  • Treat the telescope with care and keep the accessories in the attached tote when traveling to and from your destination.
  • Return all parts of the device and the books included when you bring the telescope back to the library. Patrons will be charged for missing items.

Have fun with the telescope and feel free to call the library with any questions. Enjoy - stars are the light of our lives!

Star Gazers can find the New Hampshire Astronomical Society here.