In 2012, the Trustees of the Milton Free Public Library hired Team Engineering from Goffstown, NH to inspect "The Little Red Schoolhouse" and make recommendations about immediate and long term repairs to our historic building.

In response to that report, the Trustees and the Town of Milton addressed several items immediately: A fire alarm was installed, the septic system was repaired, and the electrical service was brought up to current code for outlets and signage.

In December of 2014, the Trustees of the Milton Free Public Library (MFPL) were awarded $14,789 from the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) that the library matched ($18,086 from the Milton Free Public Library Capital Reserve Fund) to re-side and paint the entire first floor exterior of the building and repair the exterior trim. Windows were also repaired.

In summer 2015 more work was done as the Trustees received a Moose Plate Grant of $8000 from the New Hampshire Council on the Arts. This money helped the Town of Milton purchase and install a lift for universal access to all first floor library services and programs.

By using capital reserve funds set up by the Library Trustees and the Milton Board of Selectmen, and additional money from the buildings and grounds line of Milton Public Works, we also did the following work: The library roof was repaired and shingled, the brick foundation was re-pointed and repaired, and the second floor egress was rebuilt. First and second floor joists have been repaired where indicated, new support columns added, and a new bulkhead door and support masonry for cellar access were installed as part of our general maintenance program.
Thanks to support and funding from the Milton community, the MFPL Trustees plan the following in 2016:

  • Asphalt shingles on the mansard roof will be replaced with cedar shakes.
  • The second floor exterior will also be repaired and painted.
  • The bell tower improvements, including structure, paint and replacing the ironwork will be completed.

Additional improvements to the asphalt drive and sidewalk are also planned. Once that work is complete, all of the points highlighted in the Team Engineering report will have been addressed.

In December 2015, LCHIP awarded Milton Free Public Library a second grant for repair of the second floor facade.

In February 2016, Eagle Scout candidate David Bloser sanded the floor in the large room upstairs, revealing beautiful floors. The Eagle Scout fund raising efforts resulted in enough funds to finish the floors AND provide a volunteer effort to paint the room, resulting in a beautiful new space for our Build It! .

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Built in 1875, Milton Free Public Library is located on half an acre in the center of Milton Mills, New Hampshire.The unique architectural style is known as French Second Empire, with a mansard style roof and dormer windows upstairs.  No other buildings in town exhibit this same style, however it was popularly used in public buildings at the time of its construction.

There have been no significant exterior renovations other than maintenance and the passage of time has taken its toll on this building, added to the New Hampshire Register of Historic Places in 2001.

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