Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Milton Free Public Library is to provide quality library services, accurate and unbiased to members of the community, to enrich and inform our lives through the resources of books, and media technologies, community programs and direct access to the Internet through public computers and wireless connection for enjoyment, education and entertainment, for our knowledge of the world and our democratic heritage.

Rules for the use of the Library and its resource materials, and for computer use and access are posted at the front desk and at each public access computer terminal.

Library Policy:
The Milton Free Public Library is committed to the privacy, confidentiality, and intellectual freedom of its patrons and to the protections of the diverse interests and beliefs of the community, which the Constitution and New Hampshire law provide. The Library has zero-tolerance for behavior or use of the Library and its resources, which violate state or federal law and will support prosecution when necessary.

Everyone who uses the Milton Free Public Library and its resources accepts and agrees to follow Library rules and policy, Town regulations and ordinances as written, and all state or federal laws regarding computer use and electronic media: Content, access, image or display, or transmission, paper print out or off site download storage on any device whether personal or commercial in nature will be enforced. Individuals who violate the terms of this agreement may have their library privileges suspended and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Computer Access and Use:
Milton Free Public Library public computer terminals can only be accessed by “signed in” identified users logged on to the system by staff. All terminal use by minors will be “content filtered” to American Library Association standards.


The Internet is global. No Library, Board of Trustees, staff, or parent can control or precisely filter its content. Materials there may be wrong, bogus, offensive, obscene or criminal. Library good faith “due diligence” cannot replace caution, personal choice, or individual responsibility. The Library cannot be held liable for any damage, real or perceived m to any user’s documents, finances, reputation, or beliefs. The Library is not an agent of any website or computer/software system except by the written specifications of contract.

General Rules of Good Behavior:

No smoking in the library building or grounds.

Please wear appropriate clothing including shirts and shoes.

Please throw away/recycle your trash.

No bicycles, scooters, or skateboards allowed in the building, on the stairs or ramps.

Please limit your cell phone use to the entry way and outside. The second floor is a screen-free zone.

Library Policies

  • Please limit the items (books and/or DVDs) to 6 at a time.
  • All items can be borrowed for a 2 week period. You may renew your items one time.
  • Patrons with items overdue for more than 6 weeks will have their library privileges suspended pending return of all of the items.
  • Patrons that are chronically overdue may lose library privileges.
  • Any patron who feel that they have been dealt with unfairly may appeal to the Milton Free Public Library Board of Trustees during one of their regularly scheduled meetings.
  • If a borrowed item is damaged or destroyed, please let us know so we can repair or replace the item.
  • The Milton Free Public Library is a fee-free library. There are no charges for library cards or late items.
  • Donations are accepted with gratitude.

Milton Free Public Library