Milton Free Public Library

Patrons of the Milton Free Public Library have the right to:

  • High-quality service. The library will provide appropriate and well-organized resources. Patrons can expect fair policies and equal access. The responses to all requests will be accurate, unbiased and courteous. 
  • Intellectual freedom. No resources will be censored. However, the library will use discretion when displaying morbid, sexually explicit or controversial material, especially where children have easy access. 
  • Privacy and confidentiality. The library will not tell other people about any information that a patron has asked for or received. It will not tell others of any resources that a patron has consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted. 
  • A fair library environment that treats people with respect, fairness and good faith. 
  • An open library environment that does not advance private interests at the expense of patrons, colleagues, or the Town of Milton 
  • Respect for one's personal beliefs. The beliefs of others will not interfere with the purpose of this library or keep it from providing access to informational resources. 
  • A balance between the interests of information users and the intellectual property rights holders. The library will not knowingly allow copyright infringements to occur using library materials or services.

The Milton Free Public Library has a website, an online catalog, and a Facebook page. Library posts on these sites are for informational purposes, library, town, and community happenings.

Administration of these sites is limited to library employees and volunteers that agree to adhere to this policy under their direction.

Site administrators reserve the right to delete any posts or comments that do not meet these goals.

Library Director: Betsy Baker

Assistant Librarians:  Ruth Gutman, Mary Engels, Noah Wilder

Pages: Joseph Solano, Joseph Brooks, Xavier Brownell

Library Trustees:

Ann Nute, Chair

Nancy Drew

Miranda Mhyre

Milton Free Public Library Trustee minutes can be found here.